the eggyplay®

life cycle 

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and recycling


Double function and environmental sustainability — both are representative for eggyplay®. Therefore, eggyplay® can be recycled in three different ways.

1. Recycle at home

The egg boxes go in the dishwasher. When washed, eggyplay® can be used as a toy to build towers, castles, houses etc. eggyplay® is child-friendly and has received the CE approval as a toy. Furthermore, the boxes can be reused as an alternative and fun storage solution.

2. Recycle at the recycling center

eggyplay® is made out of polypropylene (PP) which is recyclable.

3. Recycle at the retailer

Alongside the development of the eggyplay® boxes, Eggs Posure has created a concept for a potential return system. The idea is that customers return the empty eggyplay® boxes to the store, like PET bottles, and the stores then return them to be reused. In order to implement this, a suitable workflow has to be developed in cooperation with the stores.