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DAVA Foods Packaging was founded in 2014 based on a strategic partnership between the Danish food manufacturer Hedegaard Foods (now DAVA Foods Denmark) and Dutch packaging group Twinpack (now Twinpack Special Products).

DAVA Foods Packaging developes, produces, and sells new packaging concepts to the egg industry. Taking its point of departure in innovative packaging solutions, the vision behind the company is to add extra value to the egg category for retailers and consumers alike, thereby generating added value within the global egg industry.

eggyplay® is an excellent example of the kind of product that DAVA Foods Packaging can give extra lift and momentum in the marketplace. eggyplay®, a patented egg box design made from colourful moulded plastic. The box not only stores and protects eggs; it can also be reused as a toy: the boxes interlock, allowing them to be used a toy building blocks.